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The child chosen for this scholarship must meet the following:

1.     Be a member in good standing in Starfleet Region One or the child or Custodian (Adult is Guardian) of a member of Starfleet Region One in good standing.

2.     Be between the ages of  9 and 17.

3.     Be recommended by a senior officer that is not the parent of the child.

4.     Have at least 1 (one) recommendation outside of Starfleet.

5.     Complete all of the questions/essays in the application packet.


Once the applications are received by the committee, they will then look over all the applications and select the child who will be going to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Scholarship Award

The scholarship amount is currently set at $1,100.00 or less depending on when the award winner attends Space Camp. Awards may not be granted each year … if the bank account doesn’t have enough money in it to award a scholarship, then a year can be skipped if needed.  Again, this is at the discretion of the committee.

Once the scholarship is awarded, it is up to the award winner to contact the R1 Co-Treasurer who is part of the Committee to let the Treasurer know when they are/want to go to camp, and get the award transferred to the Space Camp facility.

The Award Winner does not have to attend Camp the same year the scholarship is given to them.  This allots for circumstances beyond the students and/or the parents/guardians control.  See Rules of the Award below.

 One thing must be made clear:  This scholarship is not to be used for any other purpose other than attending Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  If this money is used for any other purpose, it constitutes fraud by the committee and the Award Winner.


Rules of the Award:


1.     The Award is only for the tuition cost of attending the camp.  No portion of the disbursement is for travel, food, and amenities surrounding the trip.

2.     The Award is only good for that year, and the year following the announcement of the Award. (IE – 2008 award is good for 2008 and 2009 only)  Any money not used for tuition to Camp must be refunded to the Treasury as soon as possible.

3.     The only person on the committee capable of disbursing the funds is the R1 Co-Treasurer who is part of the committee, with the approval of the Regional Coordinator, and the check must be made out directly to Space Camp and not the Award Winner.