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Scholarship Selection Timetable

All Year Round:

   Fundraising by any means necessary.


November 1st:

  Committee should decide based on a report by the Regional Co-Treasurer if they have enough money to give out a scholarship for the next year.


November 15th:

  Select the Committee member who will be the applicant contact, and finalize the applications within a few days.  Also, decide selection process.


December 1st to January 15th:

  Application period.  Postmark on applications should read January 15th or before.


January 15th to February 15th:

  Committee Selection Period.  Contact person gets the applications out to other members of the committee, and the members select the winner by their agreed upon selection process.


February 15th:

  Day of selection.  Chair is to notify winner within a day or two, that day if possible.